Choosing A Vet Must Be Done Carefully Right From The Start

When taking care of our pets, few things are more important than keeping them healthy. After all, our dogs and cats are essentially family members, and there’s nothing we would not do for them. From wellness checkups to immunizations to surgery, if our pets need it, we do what we can to provide it. If you own a pet and want to keep it happy and healthy, it is recommended that you have a regular veterinarian and facility you can go to for advice and assistance, as well as for a variety of vet services such as dental care, spay and neutering programs, and boarding services. Regardless of what your pet needs, it is essential that you have a regular veterinarian who can perform all of the services you need and more.

What We Offer

At All Creatures Hospital, Inc., we have a veterinarian on staff seven days a week, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. Whether you have an appointment or not, our veterinarian can help with medical intervention, annual wellness exams, heartworm protection, and much more. We even offer specialized packages for your kitten or puppy that cover them from six weeks of age to twenty weeks. These packages include two complete visits to the vet and will cover a thorough health exam and evaluation each time. This ensures that your pets will get off to the right start in life, and allows us to become familiar with them so that we can more effectively treat them in the future.

No Need to Go Anywhere Else

Our hospital’s services encompass a variety of items that include everything you need to take excellent care of your pet. From initial checkups to prescriptions and surgery, to boarding and microchip services, when caring for your pet, you simply do not need anyone else. From the tips of their noses to the ends of their tails, All Creatures takes care of your pets in a loving and compassionate environment. In other words, we love your pets as much as you do, and we show it in everything we do.

From the youngest pet to the oldest, our vet services include everything you need to take care of them properly. We even specialize in preventive care that includes prescription diets and supplements, as well as unique services like acupuncture. Whether they need a prescription for an illness, an immunization, or have some type of medical emergency, you can trust our facility to provide high-quality services with only one goal in mind – to take the best care of your pets and treat them the way we would if they were ours. To us, there is simply no other choice.