An Animal Hospital Offers A Variety Of Services

When you own a cat or dog, you consider him part of your family. Our furry friends are invaluable companions, and never fail to make us happy. We want to keep them just as healthy and happy, so it is imperative to choose the right people to take care of them when we cannot. At All Creatures Hospital, we offer a wide variety of services, including sick and wellness care. Regardless of your pet’s affliction, we can help. From annual checkups to dental care and even surgery, we have the services you need to make sure your pets are in your life as long as possible.

We Love Your Pets, Too

All Creatures Hospital offers basic preventative care that includes spay and neuter surgeries, microchips, and basic immunizations. We also offer specialized packages for puppies, kittens, and older animals as well. Our additional services include acupuncture, prescription supplements and diets, medical boarding services, and both urgent and emergency care. In addition, our onsite pharmacy, animal hospital, and X-ray capabilities ensure that your pets will receive everything they need to get-and stay-healthy. We have been taking care of animals for over 30 years, and we are as interested in keeping your pets healthy and happy as you are.

Something that often causes some pet parents to be a little apprehensive is the area of boarding, particularly after a medical procedure. With our boarding services, however, there is no need to be concerned. We offer excellent facilities for your medical boarding needs, including spacious kennels and a physical exam every day the pet is there. We will make sure they are comfortable during recuperation, and our boarding facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, which means your pet will never be alone. The boarding area of our animal hospital is safe, comfortable, and always meets the needs of your pet.

Look to Us First

If you are looking for a high-quality animal hospital that can take care of your pet’s needs and has the expertise you are looking for, look no further than All Creatures Hospital. After all, taking care of a pet is a full-time job, and making sure they have everything they need can be complicated. A good veterinarian will make sure you receive the information and advice necessary to become a great pet parent, and they will be there throughout the pet’s life. Whether your pet needs updated shots, flea and heartworm treatment, or even surgery, our facility will make sure he gets whatever he requires to get well, and we do it all at prices that won’t break the bank.


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