Annual Check-Up For Your Four Legged Baby

Veterinary care for your fur baby is important. You should schedule a wellness check at least once a year. At your dog or cats yearly exam, the veterinarian will do a thorough exam. They will help to delay or prevent the onset of diseases by detecting these things early. Your pet may need annual vaccines as well, and the veterinarian will also go over things such as the activity level of your pet, nutrition, heart worm testing and prevention, and weight management to ensure that your beloved pet is healthy and happy. For pets over the age of seven, a veterinarian may recommend pain management if they have arthritis or have trouble getting around. They may also recommend blood pressure monitoring, X-rays, and/or blood work.

Common Vet Services to Get

  • Pet Boarding
  • Kitten and Puppy Health Care Packages
  • Microchips
  • Immunizations
  • Senior/Mature Pet Programs
  • Neuter and Spay Surgeries
  • Treatments and Critical Care for your Pet

If your furry friend needs 24/7 intensive care, check with your veterinary hospital to see if they offer this service. This is where the veterinary hospital will provide 24/7 monitoring for your pet. This is usually for instances such as poisoning, trauma, or a critical illness. In these circumstances your pet is closely cared for and monitored by staff to ensure that vitals are good and that they are comfortable while they are recovering.

Does Your Pet Have a Medical Condition?

There are many pets that end up taking medication, for a range of health conditions. If you are planning a vacation and will not be home for an extended period of time, it is wise to schedule an appointment with your vet beforehand, to ensure that your pet is healthy and does not need any sort of medication. This will prevent you from having to take your pet to a vet that you do not know while you are away. If your pet will not be going on the trip with you, most vet hospitals offers excellent boarding services where you can have complete trust that your pet will be well cared for.

In The Event of an Emergency

You should always know the hours that your veterinarian office is open and available to treat your pet. Emergencies happen and they are not always during regular business hours. Some veterinarian offices will stay open during evening hours and on weekends for emergency situations. Some even offer 24/7 care, so ask the next time your pet goes for a check-up.


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