Keeping Your Puppy Healthy

The holidays are a busy, exciting time for everyone – even that bundle of energy defined as a puppy. They are so adorable, and so cuddly, and in need of your care, time, and attention. Some basics for keeping your new family member healthy will make sure that you have many wonderful years together.


Part of training with a young puppy is establishing routines, just as you would with a baby. They need to know where the food and water is, where bed is, where to go to the bathroom, what times of day he eats, takes walks, gets up, and goes to bed. This establishes you as the pack leader, and your puppy will respect that. House training should start at about eight weeks, but expect ‘accidents’ as puppies may not get control of their bladder for several months. Respect, not fear and not treats are the key to proper training, and key to keeping your puppy safe. The American Kennel Club offers Canine Good Citizen classes, to teach you and your puppy how to communicate and work together. A “doggie diploma” can also save you hassles and money on your homeowner’s policy.

Vet Care

Puppies should be seen by the vet at three weeks, six to eight weeks, and 12 weeks old in order to be tested for parasites, get their vaccines, have their physical wellbeing assessed, and be spayed or neutered. Your vet will talk with you about appropriate diet and exercise, and even dental care offered at All Creatures Hospital. Annual vet care is just as important for your puppy as an annual physical is for you, and should be a part of your care throughout their life. We only offer the best of care to all of our patients and their families, so call us today for an appointment – we even have a Puppy Pack to get you started out right!


3 Things to Look for in an Animal Hospital

No one likes to think about their fur baby getting sick but if you have an animal hospital on board that can help your fur baby when they need help it can take some of the panic out of the situation. Like humans, pets need proper health care, both preventive services, regular checkups and in some cases emergency medical care. Having an animal hospital that you trust on speed dial can help you to always know that your pet’s health care is going to be managed well. Consider this when you first have a child, one of the very first things you think about is what doctor your child will see. Pets deserve the same consideration.

Look for This

The sooner you decide about which care center you will use for your pet the better off you will be. The sooner your pet starts getting veterinarian care the better off they will be! There are three main “ingredients” that make a vet a good choice:

  • Compassion
  • Experience
  • Facility

Compassionate Care

Most veterinarians offer compassionate care but there are some that take it up a notch. They are “in it” for the love of the animals. That is the vet center that you want to provide care for your pet. Compassionate care means the staff and the vet work hard to earn your pets trust and that they take the time to educate you on how to properly care for your pet by providing advice.


An experienced veterinarian will have the skill set and the knowledge base to quickly diagnose your pet and come up with a treatment plan that will heal them quickly when necessary. One of the key advantages of using an experienced vet is that they have spent time working with other animals and can draw from that experience to take the best possible care of your furry friend.

The Facility

Having a facility that is clean and welcoming is a very important attribute, it shows that there is attention being paid to the details.

All Creatures Hospital offers a staff of caring, compassionate veterinarians that are highly skilled, experienced and focused on providing the best care for your pet. Whether you need health care treatments for your pet or you just want to set up an appointment for vaccinations, All Creatures Hospital can help! Call for an appointment today!


Putting Your Trust in an Animal Hospital

Acquiring a pet is a serious commitment. Not matter what kind of pet you get, you are still making a commitment to take care of that animal, whether it’s a goldfish, bird, or cat or dog. That animal will rely on you for safety and for food and other essentials. One of those essentials is taking care of it when it becomes ill, and in order to do that you need to become acquainted with a nearby animal hospital.

Some Need More Care than Others

Of course, some pets require more care than others do, and with some, you just never know if they are ill until it’s too late, such as finding your goldfish floating belly up on the bowl. In truth, getting a dog or cat is probably one of the more ‘high maintenance’ pets you can have, as they require vaccinations and should have their teeth cleaned regularly. However, they are also probably the best pets to have when it comes to getting back what you put into the relationship. A goldfish may be easier to care for, but it doesn’t wag its tail or greet you when you come home.

What to Look for From a Veterinarian

When looking for an animal hospital to care for your furry pet, you want to be sure that they have the equipment and staff necessary to provide the best of care. Aside from routine care such as vaccinations, you may also want to choose an animal hospital that has an on-site surgical suite and veterinarians who are knowledgeable and skilled in surgery. They should also provide dental care for your pet. An on-site pharmacy is also essential so that you can go home immediately with your pet’s medications rather than have to go somewhere else. Knowing that they offer 24-hour care is also important should your pet ever have to stay overnight.

Finding a New Veterinarian in the San Diego Area

If you live in the San Diego/Del Mar area and are looking for a veterinarian, you will find that All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar meets all of the requirements for being an excellent place to trust with your beloved dog or cat. Dr. Michael Mulvany was hired as medical director and practice manager back in 1984, and has been the sole owner since 1997. The practice just went through a complete renovation of the facilities so they have a beautiful new animal hospital to serve their furry patients and their parents. Dr. Mulvany and the other veterinarians on staff, plus the many support staff, truly appreciate the trust you put in them and strive to treat everyone, either two or four legged, with care and compassion, every day. Contact them today at 858 481-7992.